Our Top 5 Blogger Crushes

I don't know about you, but blogs have become an OBSESSION! There are so many cool and creative people out there, and I just want to know what every single one has to say! I mean who knew you could make leopard print bread? I sure didn't. You name it, there's a blog about it! So we voted and these have been our favorite bloggers over the past year. They have each helped us in some sort of way. Whether it was outfit inspiration, party planning, or we just needed a good laugh to pick us up... these girls ROCK!

1. Oh Happy Day

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Oh Happy Day

Meet Jordan!

She's quirky, bold, and bright. Just by these few pictures you already know this is a girl that loves to throw a party! I don't think there is another blog out there that fits Style Revel any better. I know she would 110% agree with our slogan "Life's a Party, Dress Like It!" and live by it. 

Oh Happy Day is not a fashion blog, but it is full of lots more excitement! Most of her blog posts are focused on party planning. I mean there is A LOT that goes into throwing a party if you want it to be the best one ever. Get the spunkiest DIY decorations, recipes, and activities at Oh Happy Day. She even has an Interior tab all about designing and decorating homes. She has AWESOME examples on how to make every room in your home no less than perfect. Could it get much better? DUH. She also has a travel section. Any other wander luster out there can be my friend any day! *P.s. She's the one that makes the leopard bread*

Go check it out, you won't regret it! >>> Oh Happy Day

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Oh Happy Day

2. Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Meet Kathleen!

She's as sweet as she looks! Being a small boutique in the south, it can be hard to find famous bloggers to collaborate with us easily. She has worked with us twice already and she has done a remarkable job with the posts she has included us in! We have LOVED every minute of getting to know her better.

Her blog posts mostly consist of her personal fashion and style. Which is nothing less than perfect every single time. I mean literal GOALS. Her style is simple and chic with a more sophisticated look. This girl LOVES to get dressed up. Who doesn't? Other than her fashion, she also mixes in some lifestyle posts. These could include clean eating inspiration and tips that she is personally trying out. She makes KILLER gift guides. Weather it's for yourself, your man, or your best friend; no one will be upset with their present. Not to mention her beauty tip posts, I keep hoping they'll turn me into her *LOL*.

Think she's your kinda girl? She definitely IS! >>> Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Carrie Bradshaw Lied

3. Haute Off the Rack

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Haute Off The Rack

Meet Jennifer!

Calling all girly-girls that love anything pink and sparkly! Jennifer is a fun and energetic girl that loves to laugh as much as she breathes. We like Jen so much because we know she would shop at Style Revel everyday if she lived near us. She has the college girl swag that we carry so much of. She loves to treat herself with her favorite designer brands, but she's also a killer for a good find for less.

Haute Off The Rack is all about Jennifer's style. She's not afraid to stand out, in fact she prefers it! Bright pops of color to liven up your outfit is her thing, all day, everyday. Not to mention leopard print is its own color in her book--not that we disagree. She loves textures, details, and funny sayings.

Isn't she the cutest? Her posts are too! >>> Haute Off The Rack

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Haute Off The Rack

4. Lovely Indeed

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Lovely Indeed

Meet Chelsea!

I used to think I was really creative, but this woman blows me out of the water! She's a wife, a mom, and a non stop goer. How she makes time for all her crafting, activities, and then blogging about them is beyond me. But she's living the life and killing it one day at a time. We know she would also LOVE shopping at Style Revel. She's one of those hip moms that never truly ages.

Lovely Indeed is pretty much a mix of everything you can imagine. The DIY crafts and projects are endless. Below are some of my favorites she has recently done. In the confetti picture, look at her wrist. That's a New Years resolution reminder bracelet. Each bead represents something she wants to accomplish this year. How cute is that? She also blogs about her style which can be simple at times and wild at other times. She's the perfect blogger for any stay at home moms with children that need to be entertained constantly. But I'm a college student and I learn so much from her. Her home decor projects are my fave. 

Get creative, and ALWAYS have fun! >>> Lovely Indeed

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Lovely Indeed

5. Sincerely Jules

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Sincerely Jules

Meet Jules!

Now for my personal favorite style blogger. I mean she just looks so cool. If I could have anyone's closet in the world I really think it would be hers! She loves to travel and spend time in exotic places. She has a very west coast chic beachy style. She's all about dreaming big and making the most of everyday.

Her blog is just as beautiful as she is. Sincerely Jules is basically her fashion inspiration to the world and has been featured in countless magazines. She mixes up her style posts with gorgeous pictures of places she goes. She includes what she eats, sees, and brings along with her. Her blog also includes a shopping tab where you'll find her very own items for sale that include a wide range of prices and variety. I love her graphic tees and they are actually pretty affordable. She has dressier items and jeans that are a little more pricey, but they are so perfect they're worth every penny!

If you don't already follow her on the reg, you're about to! >>> Sincerely Jules

Top 5 Favorite Bloggers: Sincerely Jules


Hope these ladies inspire you as much as they do us! Let us know which ones you loved and if you try out any of their DIYs or trends. Have a personal favorite blogger? Please let us know by commenting below!



Lindsey McNair

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