10 Inexpensive Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine's Day is soo soon I can hardly wait anymore! Some couples try to go all out to make it the most romantic day ever. We think that it's more important to focus on each other and spending quality time with the one you love by relaxing and enjoying the time you don't always have together. Think about some of the things you and your man love to do together or something you have been wanting to do. Get everything you need to get done on Saturday so you have the whole day Sunday just for the two of you. Most couples spend hundreds of dollars on a meal, but is it even worth it? We have put together a list of things we plan to do with our loves this year that require little effort, planning, and money! And we promise NEITHER of you will be disappointed!

1. Go Camping

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Go Camping

Talk about an answer to the boy's dreams. Not only will he be mind blown that you thought of this but that you are actually excited about it. If you don't consider yourself a camper, trust me if I can enjoy it YOU can. I don't do bugs either, but that's why they invented OFF. This doesn't mean sitting in a tent all night. Get there while the sun is still up and go hiking or fishing until sunset and enjoy the romantic few. Head back to the campsite just in time to make a fire, cuddle up, and make hot dogs and smores! Then relax and star gaze in each others arms before heading into the tent!

2. Build A Blanket Fort

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Movie Blanket Fort

If you seriously can't do the camping thing it's fine, some of us just aren't cut out for it. Stay home and make your own tent! This might sound a little childish, because we all did this growing up. But it's actually REALLY fun! There's just something about having a ton of blankets closing you off from everything you're used seeing that makes you feel like the world has just stopped for a moment. Make some snacks, stream up some lights, and enjoy a netflix and chill night with your main man!

3. At Home Dance Lessons

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: At Home Dance Lessons

I don't know about you but I do NOT know how to swing dance, or any other classic dance along those lines. Sad right? I have always wanted to take dance lessons but who has time and extra money for that? Good thing there's something called YouTube with any dance you can ever imagine on there. After dinner grab your boo and burn that living room dance floor down! Trust me there will be plenty of tripping, laughing, and nothing less than a great time. Don't forget the wine!

4. Breakfast In Bed

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Breakfast In Bed

Is your mouth watering yet? Slip out of bed before he wakes up and whip up something yummy to wake him up to. Make hearts out of the pancakes (or bacon) and put something in them to make it extra special. I personally would do blueberries for him, and chocolate chips for me!

5. Recreate Your First Date

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Redo First Date

How sweet would this be? He may not remember exactly what you guys did the first date you went on together (but if he does you have yourself a keeper), but I KNOW you do! Even if he doesn't there's no way that it would be a bad time if you've made it this far together.

6. Live Music or Comedy

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Live Concert or Comedy

Okay so PLEASE don't start making out on the dance floor, save that for when you get back home. But you can never go wrong with a local band concert. Sometimes you can even find a place close by that has comedy nights, and those are such a great time! If you don't get out of the house much together this is a great option to mix things up together to make the night memorable.

7. Game Night

10 Cheap Valentines Day Dates: Game Night

EW DAN. But you have to admit they look pretty cute and happy. I love having game nights with my man. Yes, we both get a little too competitive but it's all just fun and games. The good thing about this is there are so many options to choose from. There's pool, darts, bowling, arcades, putt-putt, or even staying home and playing cards, board games, or (if you're really a keeper) his favorite video games.

8. Cook Your Favorite Meal Together

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Cook Your Favorite Meal

This is one of my favorite traditions. Our first year together we tried the whole making reservations at a nice restaurant, and both of us agreed that it's overrated. It's way over priced, you have to go at a specific time, and it's packed. We prefer to stay home and cook our favorite meal together. Of course we can't agree on one thing so we just make both of our favorites and it's still a lot less than going out would be. Plus LEFTOVERS!

9. Go Bike Riding

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Go Bike Riding

This would be perfect to do during the day to casually burn some extra calories before devouring your favorite meal that night. There are bike trails all over the place. Simple and sweet, can't get much better than that.

10. Go Picnicking

10 Cheap Valentines Date Ideas: Picnic

This might seem a little cliche, but it's just so romantic! And when else would you have the time or reason to do this? You could even pack the picnic for the bike ride and stop where you see a pretty spot to take a break and relax. Personally, my picnic basket would include an assortment of cheeses, salami, pepperonis, olives, and fruit. Then OF COURSE some wine or champagne to toast with.

Hopefully you got some great ideas for you and your honey to do for Valentines Day that doesn't require you to spend too much money. Pick one, or mix a few, either way just enjoy the day of Love with the one you Love!

We would LOVE to hear some of your ideas/traditions! Comment below :)



Lindsey McNair

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