Spring 2016 Fashion Forecast

Raise your hand if you seriously cannot wait for spring to get here! Not only does that mean sunshine and blooming flowers, but it's also one of the best seasons for fashion. There are so many fun trends coming we can hardly wait any longer. The runways are looking nothing less than perfect for this upcoming season. The designers have literally killed it so far! Check out some of the upcoming colors, styles, and patterns to expect and get excited for this Spring 2016!

Spring 2016 Forecast: Colors

Pantone puts together a color palette for every season and they are never wrong! These are the colors they say will be the biggest of the season. The ones that you will probably be seeing the most of are Rose Quartz and Serenity! I'm sure you've noticed their uprising throughout the winter and we are SO happy they are going to continue throughout spring.

Spring 2016 Forecast: Suede

Simply Suede

Channel your inner 70's boho babe, we know you've got one! This soft material comes in all sorts of different styles and colors to mix up your attire this spring!


Spring 2016 Forecast: Victorian Style

Victorian's Secret

Love ruffles, floral, and high necklines? These Victorian inspired blouses and dresses are going to be seen all over the runway this season. It's the perfectly unique way to create your own elegant street style.

Spring 2016 Forecast: Pleats

Pleats Please

They are just so pretty! Pleats are also very flattering. They give the wearer a long and narrow shape. Such a fun and classy way to get dressed up!

Spring 2016 Forecast: Slip Dress

Slip Into This

It's a woman's dream come true... wear your pajamas to work day! This fashion has slowly been emerging, but this spring it is going to be really big. Dress is up for a cocktail party or throw a flannel and sneakers on with it. Either way you will be rocking this effortlessly sexy look.

Spring 2016 Forecast: Wrap Skirts

Wrap It Up

Add a twist to your  wardrobe this spring and you won't regret it! They look so good on and you can do so much with them. Wrap skirts will be seen in all different styles, lengths, and patterns this season.

Spring 2016 Forecast: Half Moon Bag

Half of the Moon, Full of the Goods

So chic. Enough said.


Spring 2016 Forecast: Cold Shoulder

Give Him the Cold Shoulder

This is another trend we have started to see this fall/winter, but it's not going to stop yet! Not only will we see them in casual blouses and sweaters, but designers are using them for formal wear. Such a cute spring and summer look.

 Spring 2016 Forecast: Marbled Knits

The Knit that's Legit

Marbled knit gives the perfect texture to your attire. It's still simple and sweet, but adds a little more to solid colors. Not to mention they are SUPER comfortable. Marbled knits are going to be seen in just about every type of clothing, get excited!

Spring 2016 Forecast: Paperbag Waist

You'd Even Look Good in a Paper Bag

Not kidding. This paper bag waist looks good on everyone! It makes your waist look TINY. Shorts, pants, and skirts all over are going to be seen in this style so go ahead and give it a try.


Spring 2016 Forecast: Light Denim

Lighter and Brighter

Personally light denim has always been my favorite (other than black of course), so I am so happy it is going to be so easy to find now! There are so many ways to wear it and it gives such a casual, free spirited look.


Spring merchandise is starting to hit Style Revel and there are so many exciting things coming! Be on the look out for these awesome new trends and show us how you rock them by tagging us on Instagram!


Lindsey McNair

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