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Revel: {N} A boisterous merrymaking or festivity.

"Life's A Party Dress Like It"

If you know anything about us, you know that we LOVE to party. We believe that you should live everyday like it's your own party. We constantly have a large selection of fun and quirky party supplies so that when you feel the need to throw one, you know exactly where to come! Here are some of our favorite current party supplies that will allow you to throw the best birthday bash of the year (or ever).

First things first, you have to invite your whole squad. Nothing says party like invitations, just like when you were younger. We like to keep it classic sometimes. You must grab a funny birthday card for the birthday star while you're at it!

Card Packs: $8

Individual Cards: $5

Now we've got to get the decorating started! You can NEVER have too much decoration. We learned that at our Galentine's Day party this year.

Champagne Print: $21

Birthday Bag: $22

Marbled Balloons: $10

DIY Confetti Balloons: $12

Make it magical for the birthday star! Is it even a birthday if you don't make a birthday wish? Definitely not.

Sparkle Star and Heart Candle: $4

Color Candle Pack: $8

Sparklers: $13.50

But wait... they don't get to have all the fun! Get the whole squad party crowns. These are so much fun, and GREAT for classic pictures that you'll love forever. There are more designs, these are just our favs.

Crowns: $5

Make it rain CONFETTI! Throw it on the floor, furniture, each other... just throw it everywhere!

Confetti Fountain: $11.50

Popper Confetti Bag: $13.50

Confetti Bomb: $10

Confetti Pack: $4

Okay time for our favorite part... the drinks! Bring some wine in this precious wine bag, or get it for the birthday girl. Turn up these pineapple cups and shot glasses to get the party started!

2 Small Shot Glasses: $32

1 Large Cup: $34

Cheers Wine Bag: $16

Now that you know how we like to party here at Style Revel, we hope you'll join in with the fun!

Don't miss out on our birthday NEXT WEEK! April 4th- 9th we'll be celebrating and we will have surprises for all of our customers every day of the week.

Stay tuned for details, and hope to see you there!


Lindsey McNair

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