Reveler's Revealed: Delaini Moreau

At Style Revel, we want to do our best to be personable and get to know our customers, and we want you to feel the same about us! Reveler’s Revealed gives YOU the opportunity to  get to know the familiar, and maybe not so familiar, faces of the Style Revel team.

This month’s Reveler Revealed is Delaini Moreau, and if you come by the store often, you’re probably familiar with her constant smile and contagious energy. Delaini is our customer service keyholder and stylist and has been with us for almost a year.

Below is an interview with Delaini, asking her about her style, her favorites, and just little tid bits to get to know her better. Keep scrolling to find out the secrets to her sassy style, silly personality, and spunky outlook on life.


Describe your personal style: I feel like my style is all over the place. It’s comfortable, casual, and sometimes really sassy. I like to wear simple things and then dress it up with funky jewelry or “smitten” lips.

Describe something that motivates you: My wonderful coworkers. Letty for sure, every single day. That woman is killing it.

Describe something you do when you’re down to cheer yourself up: I dance. I have little dance parties. If I’m crying sometimes I’ll just turn on – I bought Taylor Swift’s album. *sigh*

Describe your go-to outfit: Shorts, Sandals, and a flowy shirt.



Lipstick color: Revlon Color Burst Bomb Stain – “Smitten”

Nail polish color: OPI – “Lincoln Park After Dark”

Song: John Mayer’s version of XO by Beyonce

Food: Mac and Cheese

Actor: Tom Hardy

Actress: Lena Dunham

Band: Umphrey’s Mcgee

Singer: Florence and The Machine

TV Show: The Office

Dessert: Local Culture – vanilla yogurt with tons of fruit loaded on top

Flower: Tulip

Favorite Brand at Style Revel: POL

Place to shop: Style Revel! Duh! (But literally, it’s my whole closet).


You need to throw on a power color, you pick? Black

You’re stranded on a desert island, what item of clothing do you bring? A sunhat. At least my scalp will be fine, while the rest of my body burns.

You woke up late, you throw on? Maxi dress and some sandals. And a hat.

You need a relaxing drink, you pick? A fuzzy navel, those are so fun.

It’s Friday night, your plans are? Probably going to dinner with Tyler and then out with my friends. But realistically, local culture and movies.

You wake up in an alternate universe, where are you? Narnia or something.

Someone needs to buy you a “happy,” it should be? Nail polish. I always get so excited when I get new nail polish. Or flowers, who doesn't like flowers.


Who is your fashion icon? I’ve been obsessed with Karlie Kloss and Kendall Jenner right now.

What era do you wish you could live in? The fifties or the twenties. One of those.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? Somewhere tropical, but pretty. Maybe not tropical. Maybe Italy or something. Just a place that has water.

What do you like most about yourself? I’m silly. I love that I’m so silly, and I’m never bored with myself, I entertain myself all the time. I make people like me, you have to be my friend, you don’t have a choice.





Taylor Howell


Taylor Howell

What a beauty!

Taylor Howell

That’s my baby girl. So proud of all you have accomplished in your young life. You make a mama proud. Mikki aka Mom

Taylor Howell

Love love you, baby. Delaini is everything.

Taylor Howell

Delanias always has a bright smile and makes me feel welcome

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