Jump Into June: 6 Things to do in Your Rain Boots this Summer


It’s finally June (YAY) and after all of these April, and May, showers, you most likely put your rain boots out of your mind. Instead of leaving them in the back of your closet until the next full rainy day, try our list of things to do to keep them in shape and to keep you living the summer of your dreams.  

1. Play in the Rain

This one is pretty obvious, but I don't think we give it the credit it deserves. When buying rain boots, we imagine ourselves splashing through the puddles and reminiscing on our childhoods, but we hardly ever actually do. So when you’re bored on a rainy day this summer, throw on your rain boots and get out there and splash around with the child's heart that still lies within you.

2. Plant a Garden

Nothing is more rewarding than eating the vegetables out of your very own garden and having a backyard garden is the perfect hobby for your summer. All you have to do is grab some dirt and seeds, throw on your rain boots, and start gardening away.

3. Go Fishing

Fishing is one of the favorite passtimes of the south during the summer, but it can be hard to find the right shoe to wear for it to be enjoyable. This is where your rain boots come in. They keep your feet dry and happy when there is water in the boat or on a muddy ground, and are easy to slip off when you get the urge to slip your toes in the cool water.

4. Attend a Music Festival

When you think of going to a music festival, your first shoe option probably isn’t rain boots. But if the weather has been rather wet, then the grounds will definitely be a muddy mess, waiting to ruin your favorite festival outfit. By choosing rain boots, you can avoid this problem all together, and be free to simply enjoy yourself.

5. Travel to a New City

Whenever traveling over the summer, your rain boots are always a must have when packing. Even though they might weigh down your baggage a little, you definitely don’t want to be caught in your destination city (London, for example) without preparation for the rain.

6. Play in the Creek

Summer is the time for exploration and fun, and stumbling upon old bridges and creeks. If you’re the barefoot kinda gal like me, then getting in the new found creek is a blast, but if what's lying at the bottom off the creek makes you a little wary, your rain boots are the perfect shoe for exploring, splashing, and feeling all things summer in your new found creek.

Happy Readings, 


Taylor Howell

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