Celeb Style Crush: Vanessa Hudgens

We look up to celebrities for so many different reasons, especially their STYLE. Why are they so good at knowing exactly what to wear and when to wear it? It could be because they have their own professional stylist, they spent more money on one outfit than we can even imagine owning, or they are just really awesome. Let us be your professional stylists and get their look for less!

Today's Celeb Fashion Crush is the adorable... VANESSA HUDGENS!


Vanessa Hudgen's Celebrity Style    Style Revel's Casual Celebrity Style

Vanessa is anything but boring! She loves layering and accessorizing!

Outfit at Style Revel:
Top: $50
Bralette: $24
Necklaces: $14, $52, $54
Bell-bottom Jeans: $39.50
Belt: $12
Purse: $46
Sunnies: $12
Picture from: https://instagram.com/dechelles/
Vanessa Hudgen's Edgy Street Style Overalls   Style Revel's Edgy Street Style Overalls

Oversized, comfy, and still adorable... We like the way you do it Vanessa girl!!

Outfit at Style Revel:
Top: $54
Overalls: $28.75
Chocker: $14
Sandals : $22
Sunnies: $12
Picture from: http://www.whowhatwear.com/vanessa-hudgens-style-2015/slide12
Vanessa Hudgen's Celebrity Boho Style Maxi Skirt   Style Revel's Boho Style Maxi Skirt

She's your ultimate Boho babe and she slays every moment of it!

Outfit at Style Revel:
Top: $54
Bralette: $24
Maxi Skirt: $29.50
Purse: $46
Sunnies: $12
Picture from: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2134751/Vanessa-Hudgens-bares-midriff-cropped-meets-boyfriend-Austin-Butlers-mother.html


Vanessa Hudgen's Celebrity Day Style Jean Skirt   Style Revel's Daytime Style with Jean Skirt

If you don't think she's perfect yet, something's wrong with you. This outfit is GOALS. Perfect for any daytime occasion!

Outfit at Style Revel:
Top: $21.50
Bralette: $27
Skirt: $54
Moon Necklace: $40
Sandals: $ 22

Hat: $42

Picture from: http://www.vogue.es/celebrities/galerias/las-mejor-vestidas-de-la-semana-del-8-al-15-de-mayo-de-2015/11933/image/987218


  Vanessa Hudgen's Celebrity Coachella Festival Style Romper   Style Revel's Coachella Festival Style Romper

Vanessa ROCKED it at Coachella! When in doubt, throw on a romper!

Outfit at Style Revel:
Romper: $35.70
Necklace: $40
Hat: $38
Sunnies: $12
Picture from: http://www.vanityfair.it/fashion/starlook/14/04/15/ricrea-un-look-da-coachella-festival-come-le-star?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=marketing&utm_campaign=vanityfair#gallery=8931-18


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Comment your current fashion icon below and we just might pick them as our Celeb Style Crush next time!

Until next time, Toodles!
♥ Lin
Lindsey McNair


Lindsey McNair

cutest damn model in the whole wide world ❤️

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