OOTD: 5 Ways to Wear Flannels & Maroon

It's time for another OOTD, because we love showing you guys unique ways to wear those every day or challenging pieces in your closet! Today's OOTD is all about flannels and maroon.  So get ready to have 5 brand new ways to wear your flannels and maroon this fall!

1. Over a Midi Dress

The more midi dresses we see, the more we can't resist them! They are the perfect piece to throw your flannel over this fall. This is an easy way to transition your summer pieces as well. Take a tank dress and throw the flannel on top, and wa-lah! New fall outfit.

Maroon Dress & Aztec Flannel

Maroon Dress & Aztec Flannel

2. With Your Favorite Shorts

Another easy way to wear your flannel this fall is to throw it on with your favorite shorts. Even if it gets chilly, just add some tights and you're good to go. And if the flannel is too long, just knot it up for the look seen below.

Aztec Flannel & Maroon Shorts

Aztec Flannel & Maroon Shorts

3. Under an Oversized Sweater

Now that fall is here, we are living in oversized sweaters, which are the perfect piece to pair with your flannel. Slip on your flannel, throw on your sweater, and BOOM, out of the door you go. 

Maroon Oversized Sweater & Aztec Flannel

Maroon Oversized Sweater & Aztec Flannel

4. Under a Vest

Vest are sooo easy, conveinant, and provide that extra warmth without weighing you down. They are a must have for your fall wardrobe and a great piece to throw over a flannel. 

Aztec Flannel & Vest

Aztec Flannel & Vest

5. Over a Crop Top

Crop tops are the go to piece for summer, but can be hard to make work in the fall. But by throwing on your flannel, adding a pair of high-waisted pants, you've got the perfect fall outfit. 

Cropped Turtleneck & Aztec Flannel

Aztec Flannel & Maroon Cropped Turtleneck

Now that you've got the inspiration, go try out some of your own ways to wear your flannels and maroon this fall and make sure to tell us in the comments how'd you wear these pieces!

Outfit On, & Happy Readings.



Taylor Howell

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