Social Hour: Holiday looks for every occasion on your calendar this Christmas!

Hey Guys!

December is one of my favorite months.  Mainly because Christmas time is full of opportunities to see friends and family.. especially ones you haven't seen in a while.  December is full of reunions, parties, shopping, yummy food, fun music and awesome traditions.  With all this in mind, I decided to put together some outfit ideas inspired by some fun social gatherings you may have planned.  


The first holiday tradition to come about is usually the finding and cutting of the perfect tree.  Live Christmas trees make the whole house small awesome, but can be kind of of strenuous to actually get home.  So I chose a comfy dress with a button down layer that you can take off if needed.  Oh, and don't forget your coffee for energy!  


This is one of my favorites!  I know I can't be the only one who has a reunion with my girlfriends every December.  We all get together to do some much needed catching up.  If you are in college, it's catching up with your high school friends when you go home for break.  After college, it turns into meeting up with your college group for some much needed friend time.  For this, I chose two really fun going out outfits-- a leather skirt and a crop and pleather leggings and a patterned tunic!


If going out isn't quit your scene, an ornament swap is perfect!  Something comfy and casual will fit the bill.   I chose a stretchy cotton stretchy dress  and for a second option, a cropped sweater layered over a dress.  Remember to dress comfy but CUTE because you know there will be a group photo op!


I think I will probably say this about every one of the social events on my list, but this one really is a favorite.  I mean, cuddling up with sweater and a blanket and watching Christmas movies is seriously the best.  My husband and I have a  tradition every year where we actually make a fort in the living room and watch our favorites.  It's really fun!  For this occasion, I chose a comfy and festive reindeer sweater and jeans.  Of course for this one, pajamas totally work too!


For the holiday office party, I chose a blouse, dark skinnies and heels.  It's slightly laid back while still being impressive and well put together.  Perfect for a work/play environment!


Holiday shopping can be a tough task.  Especially if you wait until the last minute and have to fight the crowds.  Be sure and wear something comfy and easy to take on and off (just in case you find something you want to buy for yourself)!   I chose a thermal top and a matching blanket scarf with skinnies and booties.  


Ok, this is a really fun one!  How fun is the tradition of doing Karaoke with Christmas carols with your friends! For these looks I went for one thing- FUN!   I chose a sequin mini skirt with a  graphic tee that really fits the occasion.  I don't know about you but it would take me QUITE  a bit of champagne to sing ANYTHING in front of a bunch of people!  I also chose a button front mini (because they are my favorite right now) and a snakeskin top!


A cocktail party is a holiday season event that most people encounter.  I usually even have a holiday wedding or two to attend as well.  For this reason, I suggest having at least one or two cocktails dresses that you feel great in!  A traditional red satin is always in style for Holiday and you can't go wrong with sequins!

Speaking of sequins, you don't have to wait for a formal occasion to wear them!  A sequin top is perfect for a dinner party when you aren't totally sure of how dressy the attire is supposed to be.  Tone it down with dark jeans and a beanie!


I love a good fire in the winter!  Stay warm with a  jacket that will make your entire outfit! Don't forget the comfy leggings with plenty of stretch (for all those marshmallows you will eat, of course).

When Christmas day finally arrives, it's hard to get motivated sometimes.  You're in your pajamas, had a big breakfast, and have been laying around with family when all of a sudden you have to get dressed for lunch or dinner with extended family you haven't seen in a while.  I always try to look cute because some of the family I only see that one day of the year.   Keep it easy with a dress and an added scarf or vest!


Last but CERTAINLY not least is the biggest party of the year, New Years Eve!  Sequins are a must and I love this dress paired with a choker and over the knee boots- both of which are flying out of the store as soon as we get them in lately.   You can't go wrong with this look!

 Just writing this post has me all excited about all of the social events to come! Hopefully, this will help you get some inspiration for all your holiday outfits!   All of these looks are available on or in our Starkville store.  Now, get on the phone and plan some fun events for you and your friends this month and then get to shopping!

Party on,


Letty Stricklin


Letty Stricklin

Great and cute styles.!! I know Victoria will have some favorites! Marry Christmas, Lettie and Emikww! ??

Letty Stricklin

Love this !

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