Freshman Survival Guide

Moving to a new town can be tough, especially without anyone to tell you the best #lifehacks around. Have no fear, freshmen and transfer students, we've got all the things you need to know to feel just like a local. 

When it comes to new semesters, finding your class can be a fiasco. Mississippi State just recently launched the Bully Walk app (download here) that can locate classes, update you on bus route times, show you sport schedules and more. This app screams convenience and we couldn't love it more. MSU got very tech- savvy this summer and also launched the new MyState app. This app (download here) is a quick way to access your banner, class schedule, grades, and more. We love having an all in one location app for all things bulldogs. 

When test days (or weeks) don't go the way you planned, it's a good idea to get away from campus to shake off not-so-great grades. Our favorite location is the Refuge where you can sit and relax alone in your eno or just hang out with friends in a peaceful setting. You'll probably want to eat a few worries away, and in that case we recommend Churn & Spoon specialty ice cream. My personal favorite is the "Netflicks & Chill," but feel free to go crazy on flavors. Holli's Sweet Tooth is a candy shop right here in downtown that is another great stop. It's hard to be stressed in a room with walls of candy and ice cream. Calories don't count after bad test grades, right? 

One of my favorite parts about college is the lack of judgement for eating food at odd times of the day. Cookout (new to all of us in Starkville) has a $4 tray and what's not to love about options?! To satisfy your sweet tooth, Insomnia Cookies delivers until 3am. I strongly recommend the s'mores with a chocolate milk. Hungry Howies and Jimmy Johns also stay open late and offer meals that won't break the bank. Something new to all of us in Starkville is Frios Gourmet Pops. Located right on Main Street, we are #obsessed with these new cool treats. 

After you've shaken off a bad test grade, it's best to hit the ground running so your next test is a breeze. For late nights, Strange Brew stays open until midnight and is a great place to refuel that is still super close to campus. 929 Coffee Bar is a good place to study without the dreary library feel.  Studying is a little sweeter with pastries and coffee anyway. 


Our favorite breakfast picks for early mornings include City Bagel, Starkville Cafe (get a waffle with duck butter and thank me later), and The Biscuit Shop. 


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 xx, B

Bailey Thornton

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