Game Day Collection 2016

Style Revel Game Day Collection 2016

Starkville, MS is a small college town and the home to the Mississippi State Bulldogs! This small town is filled with many traditions that keep our fans a close knit family with lots to look forward to every year! Style Revel creates a Game Day T-Shirt Collection each year, and this year's is the best one yet! Check out the awesome tees made to keep the traditions alive and the great memories coming:

Game Day Collection 2016: Let's Tailgate

Yes let's, PLEASE! Mississippi State Bulldogs gather around in the "Junction" every game day from early in the morning until the game starts. The Junction is located right outside of the stadium and is FILLED with tailgating tents, GREAT food, and an even better time! You can even watch the game from tents if you did not get tickets. It's almost as fun as being in the actual stands!


Game Day Collection 2016: Cowbells and Cocktails

Whether you like it our not, you WILL get a headache from the cowbells at a Mississippi State football game! This is a tradition that started in late 1930s when MSU was strictly an agriculture school. A cow walked onto the football field during a game against our biggest rivals. We whooped Ole Miss that game and ever since then the Bulldogs have used cowbells as a symbol and goodluck charm to cheer on the players. It's quite fun, you should join in!


Game Day Collection 2016: Weekends at Davis Wade

The Davis Wade Stadium has been the home of the Mississippi State Football players since 1914. It was recently renovated and looks amazing, but still holds so many sacred traditions and memories from the past. Come make your own with us! You won't be disappointed!


Game Day Collection 2016: Partyin' for the Dawgs

There's a saying that has been going around for quite sometime, "I did it for the dawgs!" You fill in the blank what you did for the dawgs! We prefer to stick with PARTYIN for them, and not get into too many details ;)


Game Day Collection 2016: Bloody Mary Morning

This is the ultimate pregame shirt for game days! A few things we LOVE in Mississippi is food and bloody mary's! Hangout with friends and get hyped for the game in this tee before heading out to the game!


Game Day Collection 2016

Love this collection?! Call 662-270-4404, visit the website, or social shop on social media with us to order your own!

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