New Season, New Me: Binge Watch Recommendations

With September in full swing, I'm starting to run out of my motivation that started out strong this semester. The best thing to do is obviously binge watch my favorite shows to catch up before new seasons release. Which shows are the best? Are there new shows I should get hooked on? There are so many questions to be answered, but we have 5 solutions for you. 


1. New Girl

I think my favorite part about this show is that their weirdness works together. Jess makes it okay to be the awkward friend who is besties with the model who marries her roommate. She also lives with her ex-boyfriend and somehow manages not to go insane. Oh and don't forget she's a teacher with very weird co-workers and still loves her job. Lots of lessons to be learned here. We can't forget about Schmidt and the douchebag jar or Winston and his cat, Ferguson. I may go rewatch this show now; I'm getting all of the warm fuzzies. 

You can watch seasons 1-4 on Netflix now. New Girl season 5 comes out September 20 on Netflix, and the brand new season 6 airs on Fox at 7:30 PM. If you have your cable log in, you can catch up on season 5 right here.


2. The Walking Dead // Season 6 & 7

Okay, I'm going to be up front here, I've never watched a full episode of this show. To be honest, it freaks me out how real it seems. I will say, though, that every human I know that watches this show is obsessed with it; addicted doesn't really do justice to the attachment people have with this show. So for that reason, I'm going to recommend it. Trusted sources hope that this new season reveals some major cliffhangers from last season's ending. Which character is dead? Where will Rick and Michonne's relationship go? Too many questions. 

See where season 6 takes us on September 15 on Netflix. (Season 7 airs in October) 


3. American Horror Story // Season 6

I'm late to this party and haven't completed up to the most recent season, but this show is trippy to say the least. I've actually skipped episodes because they freak me out that much. I'd say watch this at risk, but the secrecy of the season's theme just makes me oddly excited for what's to come. Did I mention these are based on true events? Back to the watch at risk... Producers have been very vague, and possibly misleading, on the theme for this season but we do know that Lady GaGa will be present!

Season 6 airs tonight (September 14) at 10 on FX.


4. Grey's Anatomy // Season 13

I may receive some hate for this, but I do not watch this show. Only due to my lack of ability to watch surgeries, injuries, or anything related to blood. I know this puts me in the minority here, so I've taken some claims from reliable sources to let you know that this season is one you definitely need to watch. You don't have much time to get caught up on episodes because a new season comes out soon! I've been informed that last season was a heart breaker, so fans are in high expectations that there is hope for this season and the drama to come. 

Season 13 airs on ABC at 10 PM on September 22.


5. Stranger Things

I haven't watched this one yet, but it is on the top of my to do list after homework. (maybe before homework...) I've heard that quick addictions have come from this show. This sci-fi series that takes place in the 80s is probably going to be one of my new favorites. The bad news is that a new season isn't coming out this year, so we may be anxiously waiting for a while. The good news is that this is a Netflix series, so as soon as it's released, we can binge watch all over again.


 xx, B 

Bailey Thornton

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