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Here at Style Revel our employees are VERY stylish, and trendy! We love to see each and every one of our girls express their personal style! Our employees have their own sense of style that they bring to the table. As well as the style and trends that range differently from each person as they wear their clothing to work. From their hairstyles & makeup to their fashionable clothing, THEY BRING IT! 

Want to see what our employees are wearing here at Style Revel? 

Here's a look at our employee Brittany. One of our Style Revel girls, who's always super stylish and fashion - forward when she comes to work! 

Brittany has taken a black and white striped dress, and paired it with a olive green blouse. She decided to pair her outfit with minimal jewelry, yet a trendy pair of sandals! To top it all off her hairstyle brings outs her personality and style, as well as her purple plum lipstick color!


Next, we have Shelby who shows off her bright smile along with her clothing, accessories, and red lipstick!

Shelby has decided to style her blue- jean white striped dress with low cut fringe boots! Plus, she's decked out in jewelry from her necklace to her arm candy! 

Lastly, with her hair she has decided to style it with a up high pony tail, and the rest of her hair going down her back as a hairstyle!  

P.s. Our girls never disappoint!



Brianna Williams

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